Saturday, May 18, 2024

Fundación para la Evangelización y la Comunicación (FECOM)

"FECOM" is a Religious Foundation, autonomous pious, erected by Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, His Excellency. Mr. D. Antonio María Rouco Varela, as a non profit entity and whose essential function is to Evangelize.

Our main is the editing of religious books although we have opened a new didactic line about Spain and its peoples.

Our philosophy is to make accessible to all both the Word of God through the “Biblical Vision, the Way to Salvation”, as well as the History of the Church’s Journey and Humanity, through the “Historygram 2,000 Years of Christianity”.

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Presenting Biblical Vision

Printed Material

Our editorial material is offered not only in a personal use format, but also in a Giant Size for exposition in posters of 2 x 0.8 m. (10 posters for Biblical Vistion and 8 for the Historygram)

This possibility has been requested for Bible Studies, Catechesis, and conferences in Cathedrals, Schools, Universities, and other popular centers.

There are several models to chose from depending on need and the dimensions of the space available to expose them.

You may request the printed material from the FECOM webpage at